Classic 8-Mile Whitewater Rafting Expedition

Our 17-foot self-bailing Classic Raft is built to handle the Snake River all season long. It carries 8-14 paddlers through all the legendary Snake River Rapids, including Lunch Counter, Big Kahuna, Champagne and Ropes. It’s a thrilling ride for all, with a typical minimum age of 6 (depending on conditions). 

Rafts launch at West Table and take out at Sheep Gulch in the Snake River Canyon, with 8 miles of Class II and III whitewater interspersed with calm stretches, even some opportunities to swim. Trips take 3 1/2 to 4 hours round-trip from our office at 335 N. Cache in Jackson.

Whitewater rafting with Lewis & Clark is the bonafide outdoor experience you came to Jackson Hole to have. Most of our customers are first-timers, so we have a great deal of experience with novice rafters. Most, but not all beginners choose our Classic Raft for their first REAL WHITEWATER experience. Groups up to 14 people (and in rare cases 16) choose this raft so they can all be in the same boat together.

If you're even thinking just a little bit about whitewater rafting, call us and we can help guide you through your decision. Our guides are experienced outdoor professionals. We have been guiding families with kids as young as 6, groups, thrill-seekers, grandparents, newlyweds, scouts, locals and more through the Snake River Canyon Whitewater since 1971.

2019 Rates

Adults: $82  Youth (6-12): $66

Kids 12 and under get free wetsuits, too!